Pick My Brains Packages

Ever wanted to pick my brains about your business or your website? We have a pack for that!


pick my brains package

Pick My Brains – Website Audit

Is your website delivering the clients you want? Do you get tyre kickers, “problem” clients or is the phone simply not ringing? Is your web content letting you down?

Then pick my brains about your web copy today!

I will personally go over your website with a fine-toothed comb and put together a detailed report of specific recommendations on how you can improve the power of your website against 10 key areas:

  • Your headline power
  • Your copy clarity
  • On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Copy persuasiveness
  • Call to action
  • Trustworthiness
  • If your current approach is still correct in this environment of semantic search
  • Clarity of your unique selling proposition
  • Overall site layout and navigation
  • Additional marketing strategies to consider

This is not for the faint-hearted and is not sugar coated fluff and nonsense. If you want to be told the unvarnished truth from an outsider’s perspective and be given clear actions to move forward with your website – then this is for you!

Book your brain picking session today for just $450 + GST (for up to 5 website pages). If you have more web pages – no worries! Just call me on 07 3351 8844 and I will arrange a special deep pocket rate for you.

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uniqueness sessions

Pick My Brains – Uniqueness Sessions

If you struggle with what makes you unique, a Uniqueness Session with Ingrid will help. Ingrid provides confidential Uniqueness Sessions for CEO’s, business owners, HR Practitioners, copywriters and solopreneurs.

Your Uniqueness Session is unique to you and may include:

  • Discovering your uniqueness – what makes you and your business totally unique
  • Exploring ways to package what you offer to make it easy for those who need you to find you
  • Review of your marketing materials so they sing your song with clarity and power

What Happens in a Uniqueness Session?

Uniqueness Sessions are intense one-on-one sessions directly with Ingrid where she brings her wealth of business mentoring, intuition and marketing expertise to specifically address you and the challenges you are facing.

You start by being sent a number of reflection questions, to ponder before you meet with her. In the session you explore your responses in depth – teasing out commonalities and over-arching themes.

You walk away with clarity, a new vision for you and your business and greater direction for your future.

Sessions are $300 + GST and are conducted face-to-face, or via phone or Skype.
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What our clients say

I’ve been reading Ingrid’s blog for quite a while and always found her posts insightful, helpful and thought provoking. I could see that she really understood the challenges of the small business person. I was initially worried about booking a session. After spending a lot of money getting stuck in an unsatisfactory coaching arrangement previously, I was concerned that there would be contracts and high fees. This seems to be the norm in the industry, but with Ingrid, I was really surprised. And what happened? A miracle!!!! I finally understand my USP – something I had struggled with for so long. I just couldn’t seem to get it. I had no idea what made my business unique. Ingrid asked me one question and once I’d answered it, she reflected my answers back to me and voila, there it was. It was a massive AHA MOMENT because not only did I finally understand what made us unique but also how to weave that into everything we do and produce. It has helped me to see the business as something as part of me and yet separate to myself. I would recommend Ingrid’s coaching to any business owner, especially those feeling that there is so much more potential in their business that they are not realising. I enjoyed the fact that she could pinpoint my underlying emotional blocks, something that the previous coach of $9000 worth couldn’t. Her mixture of HR, psychological, emotional and marketing knowledge means that she can support you no matter where you are starting from. It’s been wonderful to connect to Ingrid in person, an experience that I feel grateful for; I know that if I am willing to do the work she will be a knowledgeable, sensitive and savvy guide, helping me to grow my business and my potential for living. Nola Welling, Knead Massage