Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Copywriting


Have a website but want better results in the search engines?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is like turning the lights on inside your business, so that clients who are actively looking for what you are offering, (and are willing to pay for it), can find you.

There are two core parts to SEO:

  • On-page SEO (which includes SEO copywriting) – using the right keywords in the right places of your copy and code of your site; and ensuring your site navigation is clear, user friendly and the site code is clean.
  • Off-page SEO which consists of other sites looking back at your site and giving it the “thumbs up” through things like social media and authority links to your site.

We specialise in on-page SEO copywriting including: Title tags, page descriptions, header tags, on-page links … as well as calls to action and compelling words on the page.

We write copy that both your clients and Google loves. And we are up to date with all the changes to Google Semantic Search as well as Penguin & Panda updates (which means we won’t stuff your site with keywords or engage in any black hat SEO so your site is not banned, sandboxed or generally slapped silly).

Our goal is to create copy that engages, is shareable and delivers results.

We can create one-off core content for your site, as well as generate ongoing content creation for your blogs, social media presence and guest posts.

And if you need off-page SEO, we have a number of trusted SEO partners who use ethical, sustainable and all around good guy type of SEO practices.

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