Direct Response Copywriting

direct response copywriting - steak knivesWhen you want to sell right off the page, direct response copywriting comes into its own.

This is a unique form of copywriting, that ranges from a simple 2 page sales letter selling an appointment, through to 32 page monsters (called long-copy sales letters).

Imagine you have a salesperson talk a client through all the features and benefits of your goods or service. The salesperson answers all the questions the client may have, as well as makes sure the product or service is a good fit for their needs. And when they can sense the client is interested, they close the sale.

But how can you do this in writing and not face-to-face? This is where you need direct response copywriting.

Direct Response Copywriters – No Bonus Steak Knives in Sight

We have written direct response copy for products ranging from e-books, training programs, membership programs and seminars. And they have sold like hot-cakes!

We always give you a number of headlines and other options to test and measure. After all, no copywriter has a fully functioning crystal ball, and the only way at times to work out what words work best is to test the options out and measure the response.

No matter if you are looking for long copy, landing page copy or something in between – and you are looking for brilliant results – then contact us.

Call us for powerful direct response copy that gets results (07) 3351 8844.