Our Copywriting Process


A lot of clients want to know what happens when we work together. Here’s a general idea of our copywriting process:

Getting Started

We start with a brief needs analysis chat with you over the phone. We then provide you with a written proposal – so you know up-front your investment, estimated timeframes and confirming the details of the project. Once you have accepted the proposal we ask for 50% deposit to lock in your spot in our work schedule.

Getting the Facts

Next, we conduct a detailed fact finding interview with you to get to know and understand your business. We listen to the language and phrases you use, to make sure that the words we use in your copy reflect both you and your brand. The chat is relatively painless – sort of like having a yarn with a trusted therapist.

Writing Writing Writing

We then disappear into our cave, fortified by achingly good coffee, and then draft your copy and polish it till it shines, before returning your copy to you for your review.

Your copy is written in Microsoft Word (.docx) format (we are not Mac fans), with track changes turned ON so you can make your edits/comment directly onto the document and we can see what changes you have made.

Remember that with all copy it is likely you will want to tweak or adjust some words or sentences to better match you and your personal style. Having someone write for you is much like being fitted for clothes – many times they fit perfectly, but sometimes alterations need to be made to ensure they fit you and your needs.

Every person and business is unique and adjusting the word fit is just part of the normal writing process. And no, we are not precious and will not pout or throw a hissy-fit if you want to make edits – but we will discuss with you any changes that are likely to cause problems for you down the track.

Once you get a draft you are happy with, we confirm that with a final version for your records.

Turnaround Time

Copywriting projects generally take about 2-3 weeks – but we can give you a more accurate time when you request your quote. The exact time depends on your needs, how quickly we can make time to talk on the phone to discuss your project as well as other projects on the go.


At the conclusion of your project, and on payment of your final invoice, we automatically formally assign you the copyright to your work (which is very different to copywriting). Many other writers either don’t assign you copyright or charge you an additional fee for Assignment of Copyright. With Heart Harmony Communications you are automatically assigned copyright as part of our normal process.

To learn more about the whole issue of copyright, check out this e-zine article on the issue “Do you own your images and words?”