Blog Copywriting

blog post copywriting

We love blogging (as do the search engines)! But the old rules of blog copywriting are dead.

300-500 word blog posts no longer cut it under Google’s new Semantic search.

Blog post copywriting now is about solid expert level content, presented in various formats ranging from standard text through to infographics and video blog posts.

Our blog copywriters can help you work out the type of blog post that will work for your demographic market, as well as help you plan an ongoing content creation calendar to keep your blog posting fresh and current.

We are experienced blog post copywriters that can write blog posts ranging from short and funky to deep and considered.

We can also help you refine or create your guest blog posts so that you build your following beyond your immediate tribe.

When you are looking for fresh blog content that has a unique point of view, boosts your credibility and is eminently shareable, then give us a call.

If you are looking for a blog copywriter, give us a call in Brisbane, Australia on 07 3351 8844.