Small Business Marketing Ideas

How to Grow Your Business Offline, in Minutes a Day, Without Spending a Fortune

SBMICoverDear Fellow Small Business Owner,

  • Do you feel like you are chasing your tail trying to grow your business, but there are not enough hours in the day to finish the jobs you need to get done … and still have time for marketing?
  • Do you have lots of tyre-kickers and price shoppers, but not enough good quality customers or clients for your business … the ones you like, who pay on time and are raving fans?
  • Have you discovered that your customers don’t even remember your name or what you stand for?
  • Have you tried to market your business by running some ads, but all you heard were the crickets chirruping and all you saw was the bill with no money in the till?
  • Are you confused about complex marketing jargon or marketing on the internet, when all you want are simple proven strategies designed for small and micro businesses in the real world, that actually work and don’t cost and arm and a leg?

Many small business owners have the same struggle. They want answers.

They want practical solutions. They want to make a difference to their business … fast! Right?

Well, I’m glad you’re here because I believe in ...

Keeping Small Business Marketing Real

Who am I? My name is Ingrid Cliff and for over 25 years I have worked with small to medium sized businesses, helping them grow. For the first fifteen years, I worked in Human Resources, helping managers attract the right staff, motivate their teams to take action to deliver outstanding results and to build the leadership and managerial skills of their leaders.

I then moved over into marketing after realising that business owners faced the same struggles with their clients and suppliers as they did with their employees. You see, whether you are trying to persuade a team member to perform a task, or trying to persuade a customer to buy your services, the same skills apply. After all … it’s all a people problem!

But when I moved into marketing, I couldn’t believe the jargon! I mean what the heck is a suspect and when do they become a prospect (and who really cares)?

I have always been known for my pragmatic approach to things, so when I saw so many of my small business clients drowning in marketing speak, and not knowing what practical steps to take to grow their business, the idea for this book came into being.

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businessmanSmall Business Has Different Marketing Needs to Big Business

You see, my small business clients don’t have big business budgets, or mountains of staff to help them. They are small businesses … which means generally the head of the business is also the head of marketing and the head of everything else.

They didn’t have time to stuff around reading encyclopedias of text books. And most of the stuff they could find on the market had been written assuming you have the time and resources of a big business.

My clients just wanted a book that was written in plain English, that covered all of the stuff they needed (without a lot of fluff and nonsense) and gave them the real “how to’s” and not false promises.

They also only wanted stuff that worked, that had been tried and tested in micro-businesses and small businesses like theirs. They knew there is no “magic bullet” and that everything worth doing takes a little bit of work and time (as long as it wasn’t too much time!).

Yes, they were interested in the internet, but what they REALLY wanted was something that they could do themselves, offline. Something that didn’t need a marketing degree or advanced knowledge of obscure computer coding.

So, I pulled together all of the advice I had been giving my clients over the past few years. Advice and strategies that we had tested, analysed and adjusted based on their real world experiences. This advice and all of my detailed checklists are now available in Small Business Marketing Ideas.

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Here’s why Small Business Marketing Ideas will help you grow your business in just minutes a day …

  • discover the 9 questions to help you work out once and for all – what makes your business UNIQUE
  • find out how to ditch your three-fold brochure for something cheaper and that works like gangbusters
  • learn the 8 questions that every customer mentally asks before they hand over any of their hard earned cash
  • determine how NOT to have a strike on your hands when you want your team to wear uniforms
  • understand why writing about yourself and your business is one of the hardest things you will ever do
  • identify how to create an elevator speech that doesn’t make you sound like you should be offering a set of steak knives with your service
  • find out why guarantees are secret road block removers
  • know how to have happy clients bombarding you with amazing testimonials (without you having to beg or sell your soul in the process)
  • discover the 7 simple techniques to making sure your appointment diary is NEVER over or under-booked (and none of them have to do with time management)
  • find out why forking out on branded pens, stubby holders and other gadgets may be a waste of money
  • understand why paying for testimonials or referrals could actually be costing you business
  • feel inspired to take action that is right for both you and your business

And that’s only the first 1/3 of the book!


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How one small business (just like yours), doubled their clients over 12 months … without taking out a second mortgage to do it!

Look, I know that if you are like me, you want to know that this stuff works and is real. So let me share with you a story about one of my clients and how they applied these secrets to their business. It’s not about a massive company, but about a small home-based business owner – Charmaine Renaud from Banksia Healing Centre in Ferny Hills, Brisbane. Charmaine is an acupuncturist who has been running a clinic from her home for the past 15 years.

About 12 months ago she contacted me because she was unhappy with her business. Although she was successful when compared to many other acupuncturists, Charmaine wanted more.

In our first meeting I found her practice averaged between 15-20 clients per week, depending on the time of year. She had very little marketing material and what she did have was inconsistent, dated and was done on the cheap (and looked it!).

When talking with her in depth, I found she was providing the same services that she first provided 15 years before – some of which she hated. She also had personal challenges with charging the market rate for her services, always finding reasons why all of her clients (including new clients) needed deep discounts.

She was a very busy lady, so we decided to do one thing at a time, tackling one thing a month so that it wouldn’t overwhelm her or her business. We started with revising her branding – finding a fresh modern look that she loved. First off the rank were her business cards, because she needed to get a few new ones printed.


We then moved onto her website – her first ever! Through the process of creating her website, we refined her service offering, changed how she worked and created new higher-value services. We worked out her ideal & favourite client types and then looked at her team to see which ones matched her new strategy and which needed additional development. In other words, she got clear on who she was & what she offered.

We needed to improve her client attraction strategy, so decided that a regular seminar schedule that was heavy on content & light on sell should be trialled. Now, Charmaine was not a natural speaker and this thought terrified her, so I worked with her on creating the material for her seminars – everything from flyers, to ads, to how to structure the day, where to sit people and what to say.

Charmaine took a massive leap of faith … and discovered she didn’t have to be all formal when speaking in public, just be herself. She just needed to chat with people about her passion – invite guests into her home and enjoy their company. She put her personality into it, and it worked brilliantly.

The first session booked out in less than a day. The feedback was exceptional! Everyone who attended referred others to the session. Charmaine ended up running 4 sessions on justy the first topic to cope with the demand.

Now, out of the people who attended – a portion were already raving fans, but there was also a proportion of clients who hadn’t been to the clinic in years, as well as a number of totally new people to the clinic. A large % of these two groups became new regular clients as a result.

We then updated Charmaine’s brochures, going from the traditional A4 3-fold brochure, to a stylish DL postcard. We pruned all the excess words, binned all the “let me tell you about me” language and sent people to the website.

Next we started creating articles that were published in the local press – all with compelling headlines. These attracted even more clients to Charmaine.

She then upgraded the interior of the clinic, put in new external signs, and polished all the internal product displays. We trained the staff on phone scripts to use with clients and refined the booking process.

Finally, we went on a testimonial hunt to coincide with the 15-year anniversary. All past clients were contacted & asked to jot a few words about Charmaine for a celebration book for the clinic. We were inundated with amazing, powerful words that dripped with love and gratitude for the difference Charmaine had made to lives.

So, what happened next?

Remember how Charmaine averaged 15-20 clients. Now on her quietest weeks she averages 45 clients. More than double!

And of these clients, only a small handful get discounts – the rest happily pay more than market rates for the results Charmaine delivers, as well as buying products to take home. Her seminars book out weeks before each session and she is gaining a reputation as a great health speaker.

Oh, and she still only works 4 days per week, but this year she has taken 2 overseas trips to celebrate. And … she loves her work and her clients!

She rediscovered the joy in her business.

Each one of these strategies helped to grow her business. Putting them together has given her results she didn’t dream about just 12 months ago. And the majority of her strategies had absolutely nothing to do with the internet or her website!

Wouldn’t you like to have me working beside you every step of the way, just like Charmaine did? You can!


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green-noteSmall Business Marketing Ideas: How to Grow Your Business Offline in Minutes a Day Without Spending a Fortune

Whatever your marketing issue, you will find a solution. A solution that has been tried and proven in small and micro businesses similar to yours, by people just like you.

It contains over 50 detailed individual strategies and checklists, covering all the major areas of marketing your small business including your uniqueness, branding, business essentials, advertising, networking, complaints … as well as a stack of advanced technques and ideas.

And you can Download Now - no waiting around for hard copy books or discs. In less than 5 minutes you can start growing your business.

100% satisfaction or your money back.


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Imagine being easily able to handle these areas…Small Business Marketing Ideas shows you how:

Getting Clear On Who You Are and Why You Are Amazing

  • Your Uniqueness
  • Customer Clarity
  • Employee Clarity

Getting The Right Look

  • Branding
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Business Cards
  • Phone Answering
  • Answering Machines and Services
  • Emails
  • Uniforms
  • Corporate Photos

Business Marketing Essentials

  • About Us Pages and Professional Profiles
  • Elevator Speeches
  • Choosing Your Product/Service Range
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Service Demonstrations
  • Guarantees
  • Managing Appointments
  • Queues
  • Customer Nurturing
  • Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items
  • Christmas Corporate Gifts
  • Terrific Testimonials
  • Testimonial Gathering Techniques
  • Case Studies
  • Endorsements
  • Are Your Testimonials, Case Studies and Endorsements Legal?
  • Should You Pay For Testimonials or Referrals?

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

  • Networking With A Purpose
  • Referrals and Alliances

Sales in Print – Articles, Proposals and Letters

  • Writing Business Proposals
  • Business Letters
  • Direct Mail
  • Appointment Letters
  • Article Marketing
  • Fact Sheets
  • Newsletters
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Envelopes
  • Thank You Letters
  • Reminder and Past Client Letters


  • Yellow Pages Ads
  • Print, TV and Radio Ads
  • When Should You Change Your Ads?
  • Are Your Ads Legal?


  • Customer Complaints
  • Feedback strategies

Advanced Marketing Ideas

  • Lucky Door Prizes and Competitions
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Maximising Seasonal Events
  • Press Releases
  • Trade shows
  • Premium Products
  • Up-selling
  • Getting Action NOW!
  • Make It Easy For People to Buy
  • Seminar Marketing

Bonus Templates and Checklists

  • Heart Harmony Communications’ Marketing Checklist
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Press Release Template

What Others Say About the Book

Ingrid’s latest book on Small Business Marketing is a compelling read. I found the book to be very comprehensive as it covered every conceivable angle of a small business owner’s lot in life. Three obvious reasons to buy this Book: easy to read, easy to understand, easy to apply to your Business. David Stevens, Personal Life Coach Banora Point NSW

Other things you will discover:

  • why you don’t need celebrities for endorsements, the best ones come from people you know,
  • how to make the most out of every networking event,
  • why your competition can be your greatest allies,
  • how to write business proposals that convert like crazy,
  • business letter essentials to make your next mail-out read (and acted on),
  • how to actually get your foot in the door with new clients – appointment letter secret strategies,
  • why writing articles about what you know is business gold,
  • whether you REALLY need a newsletter for your business,
  • what to put on your envelopes so they don’t get binned before being opened,
  • 2 simple letters that will re-activate old clients and boost your business turn-up rate,
  • how to maximise your Yellow Pages spend (some of the most expensive print on the planet),
  • what to include in your print ads to skyrocket your response rate,
  • why customer complaints are your hidden research and development team,
  • easy steps to make your lucky door prizes memorable and effective,
  • the neuromarketing tweaks you need to make to your loyalty program that will have your customers signing up in droves,
  • how to succeed at seasonal promotions,
  • the three questions you need to ask to ensure your press release is not ignored,
  • trade show magic: simple tips to make your next trade show boom,
  • up-selling without selling your soul,
  • how to get people to take action NOW!
  • what you need to do to make it easy for people to buy,
  • why running seminars can double your business,
  • piles of checklists and templates to make sure you are supported each step of the way!


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Get Started Today!

Would you like a steady stream of new clients through the door? Great clients? Ones who pay on time every time, and respect you and your team?

Small Business Marketing Ideas will help you get there!

Having me work one-on-one with your company to set up all of these systems and processes for your business would normally set you back at least $15,000 (and that is cheap compared to the $50,000 – $100,000 many big brand marketing companies charge for the same thing).

But I wanted to help all small businesses, not just the ones who prefer to work directly with me.

So … you can download Small Business Marketing Ideas for less than the cost of 15 minutes of my time with your business!

The Small Business Marketing Ideas e-book is ready to download. You get instant access and can start implementing the strategies today.

And you are protected by my full 100% money back guarantee!

Small Business Marketing Ideas Guarantee

And when you download today you’ll receive FOUR special gift bonuses

Bonus #1: 10 Customer Service Tips To Build Loyal Customers

A mini e-book that gives you 10 practical ways to keep your existing customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Bonus #2: Do You Own Your Words & Images

Many businesses fall foul of copyright law when they go to re-use their logos or words down the track. In this mini e-book, discover the questions you need to ask your graphic designer, copywriter, web designer or other creative agency BEFORE you shell over your hard earned cash.

Bonus #3: 10 Quick-Start Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today for Less Than $100 each

Super quick ideas to get you out there and growing your business today (without breaking the bank).

Bonus #4: How Successful is Your Marketing Expense

A practical and pragmatic look at how to work out whether your marketing expense is creating a return on investment for you (and no, it is not all about your balance sheet).

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You can trust Heart Harmony Communications

You see, I value my reputation for honesty, fair dealing and ethics in business. That’s why all of my books contain high quality, no-nonsense information, and practical advice.

I am not a fly-by-night. You can easily find my business – both on the internet and at my office.

And I am not going to insult your intelligence by suggesting there are artificial limits to numbers of the book, claim false marketing tests on the price or install ticking clocks counting down the seconds until this fabulous offer expires. I think we are all getting a bit sick of the games!

That is why the price for Small Business Marketing Ideas is simply $39.97 + GST $19.97 + GST. You get all of the great bonuses PLUS the e-book for the one low price.

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Let me ask you something …

Where else could you find so much information, so much detail, so many answers for such a low price?

Small Business Marketing Ideas gives you everything you need to effectively manage your team. Best of all, you can access every piece of my knowledge, every hard won fact, every experience with companies just like yours. And – you can get your hands on it all instantly.

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