Letter from the Boss to a New Hire

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I  discovered this fascinating post from Alexander Kjerulf in his blog Chief Happiness Officer. I have reproduced it in full as it struck a chord with me about how to welcome new hires into your workplace. How would you feel if on your first day this note was waiting for you?

Imagine it’s your first day in a new job. You sit down at your desk for the first time, and waiting for you there is a note from your new boss.

In the note your boss bids you a warm welcome to the company, and then says this:

1: My most important priority is your happiness and productivity at work. If there’s anything I can do to make you happier and more efficient – tell me right away. This isn’t idealism, it’s good business, because happy people are more productive.

2: I will not burden you with endless rules and regulations. You’re an adult – I trust you to use your best judgment.

3: You have my full permission to screw up, as long as you own up to it, apologize to those affected and learn from it.

4: Please tell me when I screw up so I can apologize and learn from it.

5: Please make sure to hunt down people who do great work and praise them for it. I will do this as much as humanly possible, but I can’t do it alone.

6: If I get it right occasionally, I’d love to hear about it from you, too :o)

7: I will always have time for you. My calendar will never be so full that my next free time to talk to you is three weeks from next Friday.

8: I want to know about you as an employee AND as a human being. I DO care about your private life, about your and your family’s health and well-being.

9: Life is more than work. If you’re regularly working overtime, you’re just making yourself less happy and more stressed. Don’t join the cult of overwork – it’s bad for you and the company.

10: I expect you to take responsibility for your own well-being at work. If you can do something today to make yourself, a co-worker or me a little happier at work – do it!

This post was inspired by Michael Wade’s post over at ExecuPundit called Note from boss to employees. I liked his tips but I found the tone of them a little defensive. Michael’s tips had an undercurrent of “business is hard and being a leader is tough but we can slog it out together.”

Ingrid Cliff


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Ingrid Cliff

Ingrid Cliff is the Chief Word Wizard (aka copywriter) with Heart Harmony Communications.With over a decade of experience in internet marketing combined with a degree in psychology, Ingrid leverages the power of words to create change and get results. Ingrid also provides one-on-one mentoring to small businesses.
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  1. says

    Wouldn’t it be great to receive this from your boss on the first day. Hope you don’t mind if I steal your list to present to my employees when they start when my business grows (which I expect it to do when we release our software).

  2. Jodie Aickin says

    It would be wonderful to receive a note like that from your manager at anytime at all!!!

    It would instill great confidence and a sense of belonging. Starting a new job is always daunting, no matter how confident you are!

    Thanks for sharing…