Why do you need an Employee Handbook in Australia?

Employee Handbook Cover

When businesses hire their first team members, they often start without having considered all of the implications, which means they don’t have an employee manual in place. But, your new employee is going to be representing you and your company to your customers and clients. They will be in your premises and will gain accessRead more

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

domestic violence

In the 2015 edition of our HR Manual we included a policy on how to assist team members affected by domestic violence. Why? Domestic and family violence does not happen just behind closed doors in homes. It can follow the person to work and affect not only the individual but the team members around them.Read more

2015 Edition of the Instant HR Manual Released

Instant HR Policies & Procedures

The 2015 Edition of Instant HR Policies and Procedures for Australian small to medium businesses has just been released. This year clients using our Australian HR Policies and Procedures Manual have been grappling with somewhat more challenging HR issues, and the updates reflect these challenges. New HR Policies for 2015 This is the first yearRead more

What Customer Experience Teams Can Learn from SEO

male hands typing on a laptop

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Customer Experience industries have been developing in parallel silos over the past decade. The early days of SEO were all about following scripts to game the search engine system to make Google think the website was more important than it probably was. The early days of customer experience wereRead more

How late is too late for meetings?

being late for meetings

I consider myself something of a meetings sage.  Sitting in on thousands of meetings over the years will do that to you: You either learn to deal with the vagaries of meetings with a modicum of Zen, or take up obscure meeting room hobbies such as counting the ceiling tiles in the meeting room justRead more

Top Leadership Books of 2014

Leadership books

There’s something exciting about opening a new book. In between the covers are whispers of potential, stunning ideas and new ways of thinking. I remember the first time I read a book and felt the neural pathways in my mind shifting. I could feel the tiny bubbles of excitement that a new idea brings ticklingRead more

What The Flu Taught Me About Life

cartoon of person with the flu

This week I have been sick. Not the kind of “sick” snarled by a teenager wearing trousers that show more of their undies than a Victoria’s Secret model, but the curled up in a ball and quietly rocking in a ball of misery sick. I mean, who gets the flu in November? It is cool,Read more

The 10 Commandments of Exceptional Customer Service

moses holding the 10 commandments

It doesn’t matter if you are serving customers online or in a store, there are 10 things that go to making up exceptional customer service. Here are the 10 commandments your customers wish you would abide by. (Feel free to pick up a chisel and a stone tablet at Bunnings to engrave them for yourRead more

10 Tips to Revise Your Business Letters For Better Results

how to revise your business letters

When was the last time you looked at the most common letters you send to your clients? Not just to sign them, but deeply looked at them … through your customer’s eyes? I am currently working on a major customer service project with a large government organisation, and one of the parts of the projectRead more

People Join a Business But Leave a Manager

woman waiting for a job interview

One of the truisms in HR is that new hires join a business. When people are hired, they are signing on to contribute their labour and best efforts into delivering the bigger vision for the organisation. No employee ever joins a business with the intention of failing or doing a bad job. People who resignRead more

5 Simple Copywriting Tweaks Anyone Can Do

lady blowing letters onto a computer

Everyone writes for their business to some level or another. It can be a simple email to a client or a complex report – the essence is the same. But what do you do if you don’t have a tame copywriter on tap to do all your business writing for you? Here are 5 simpleRead more

Breaking Down Silos At Work

Workplace silos

Workplace silos are some of the greatest blocks to customer satisfaction with a business. There’s increasing complexity in the ways customers engage with a business: Social media, email, online forms, phone, face-to-face, review sites, retail stores, forums, blogs, online chat and a whole raft of others. Customers expect that no matter how they choose toRead more

Is It Time To Rethink Your Ink & Piercings HR Policies?

businesswoman with tattoos and lip piercing

One of the hottest HR topics around the world at the moment is the issue of corporate dress code, and in particular – body art. Most workplaces have a no visible tattoo policy – accompanied by a no visible piercings, brandings, stretchers, tongue splitting, dermal piercings or skin implants policy. The no-ink and piercing policiesRead more

How to Delete Imported Contacts From LinkedIn

LinkedIn Connections

If you are on LinkedIn, you will know that you are regularly prompted to add connections by uploading Gmail or Outlook contacts to “see who you know on LinkedIn”. This approach has pluses and minuses. On a plus it streamlines your connections with other people on LinkedIn. The minuses are more extensive. The Dark SideRead more

Why You Need to Google Your Own Business

Lady Googling her business name

Most people will have done the odd vanity search of their own name on Google: Checking out the photos of youreslf online; Making sure that what can be found is positive and wholesome. When was the last time that you Googled your business name? Regularly Googling your business name should be a key part ofRead more

Announcing a New Service – Small Business Website Design

Ingrid Cliff website design

For the last decade we have specialised in creating website words, and over that time we have checked out tens of thousands of websites and worked with a stack of great web designers. This has been great for businesses with a reasonable marketing budget. The problem is that many of our small business clients haveRead more

10 Great LinkedIn Profile Tips and Tricks

LinkedIn website

LinkedIn is one of the core ways for people connect in business, but for many people it is simply yet another social media presence that has to be managed. This means that LinkedIn profiles are often put together in a way that fail to deliver results. Here are 10 LinkedIn Profile Tips and Tricks toRead more