What Others Say About Ingrid Cliff and Heart Harmony Communications

I own a very small company and recently had to do my first employee review ever. Your book was just what I needed! Thanks to your information and templates, the review ended up being a very professional and positive experience for both me and my employee.

Penelope Regula, USA

Easy to understand and in an easy format

Michelle McKenna

I was looking for an simple, easy-to-use guide for performance reviews. Employee Performance Reviews simply outlined the process for reviews and was most informative. I particularly liked the templates and the guide on how to conduct performance reviews, as well as the specific information regarding setting the scene and 10 great questions.

Nicola Robson

We have conducted some very successful performance reviews using the templates etc over the last week – much better than what we had used previously! I liked how it wasn’t just one solution to fit all. There is good information on how to conduct reviews and what to do with difficult ones. I also liked the sections on discipline and induction. The pack is very useful and cost effective.

Gail Pimm, Sportspower Bundaberg

When I first bought Employee Performance Reviews, I thought if it wasn’t want I wanted, I wouldn’t be breaking the bank. What I found was it was easy to read, excellent to listen to and the templates are always great. It is real information and I feel it can be trusted.

Paul Skinner

It was clear and easy to use. The recorded training sessions were a bonus and easy to listen to, Ingrid;s voice is not grating and it was good to have an Australian accent as well. It reduced my workload considerably.

The package was pretty comprehensive, the difficult areas of non-performance and change management advice was very good. It was particularly helpful to me as we were encountering problems with one of our staff and the advice on acting promptly especially in diligence really made us review management practices and how we could improve them by setting clear performance objectives, identify performance gaps and how to coach staff on improving.

It will save managers time and money, it is good value for money and if the advice is applied will probably save expensive HR mistakes being made. The practical advice on change management and difficult reviews will help those with minimal HR resources and help them recognise potential problems before they happen. It helps produce a professional sound framework in HR which is easy to follow and use.

Suzanne Kuzio

Employee Performance Reviews: Tips, Templates & Tactics is comprehensive but still “User Friendly”

John Filewood

Ingrid Cliff has turned the often confusing world of small business marketing into a useful checklist of simple concepts, thoroughly explored and explained without jargon or BS. Her commonsense approach goes beyond the obvious and offers real value if you want clarity on your marketing choices. I have a marketing degree and have worked with hundreds of talented business owners who need to be marketing savvy. If you want insights and ‘aha’ moments for your offline marketing, you couldn’t start in a better place!

Lisa Murray, Business Mentor Revive Business Coaching

Ingrid’s latest book on Small Business Marketing is a compelling read. I found the book to be very comprehensive as it covered every conceivable angle of a small business owner’s lot in life. Three obvious reasons to buy this Book: easy to read, easy to understand, easy to apply to your Business.

David Stevens, Personal Life Coach Banora Point NSW

The teaching contained within “Small Business Marketing Ideas” is fantastic. It is great because it is practical, the content makes sense and is useful. This ebook is a must-read for small business owners who wish to engage better with their customers and grow their business.

Paul Holstein, Director – Brandrally

A valuable asset for all small business owners is having quality marketing ideas which can help create extra dollars and much sought after additional profits.Marketing ideas which work, are user friendly and provide the pathway to riches. In Ingrid Cliff’s latest book “Small Business Marketing Ideas” Ingrid has included 154 pages of essential ‘must do’ marketing ideas and tips which explains to the small business owner not only “what” to do but also “how to” do it. This book is a MUST for all small business owners wanting to improve their cash flow, provide more valuable services to their clients and for those business owners who ARE looking for answers to inject more cash into their lives. Follow just one of Ingrid’s valuable tips and be overwhelmed with the heightened performance your business will take. Imagine what will happen if you use Ingrid’s tips and ideas daily? I urge all small business owners to grab a copy of “Small Business Marketing Ideas”.

Kurt Johansen,Email Profits

What I liked most about Instant HR Policies & Procedures is just that – Instant! These manuals are perfect for a small company just starting to get to grips with HR practices and the value they can add to the company.

It has a lot of information that could easily be overlooked. It is easily updated or customized to the company’s requirements and is very easy to purchase.

Heidi Casey

Ingrid’s Instant HR Policies and Procedures were exactly what I was looking for for my business. I wanted something simple and easy to read. Something I could just pick up that tells me exactly what I need to do. The Manual covers everything a business should have in place to look after their staff but never quite get around to doing. I fully recommend Instant HR Policies and Procedures to any small to medium business.

Ian Coleman

Has been really helpful and definitely saved me time. Have written some P&P of my own but this covers many other things I hadn’t thought of and which would have taken me a lot of time to write myself. It is up to date with latest fair work regulations. A good reminder of all the things I need to be doing as an employer.

Kate Marsh

Heart Harmony Communication’s Instant HR Policies & Procedures is invaluable for small businesses – it is professional, extensive, and immediately accessible. One “find & replace” action was all that was required to create a working draft for our company, and then it was extremely easy to edit to fit our particular situation. It turns a nightmare of documentation requirements into a dream. Thanks Ingrid!

Dianna Blake, Wimmer Water Solutions

I had the opportunity to hear Ingrid Cliff speak last week and whilst I listen to many speakers, I must say Ingrid impressed me with her experience and her ability to share her expertise. Her knowledge of websites and how to improve the quality and effectiveness of your content is clearly evident when listening to her. If you are seeking the right words to attract and engage your audience on your website, then be sure to contact Ingrid, to weave her words of magic with great copy. Thank you Ingrid for your very timely words of wisdom – very much appreciated.

Donna Stone, Stone Consulting

Ingrid’s keynote presentation on “Copywriting Skills for Your Success” was a must for business owners – it was clear, concise and fabulous. She easily and innovatively joined all the dots and crossed all the t’s so that presentations over the whole weekend came together. Ingrid’s lovely style of speaking and her humour ensured that everyone felt comfortable and engaged. She made the subject of copywriting appear easy and at the same time conveyed the importance of good copy for business both online and offline.

Marney Perna, Founder – My Heart Speak

Thank you once again for presenting to our Chamber. Your presentation was very well received by our Chamber members and guests and was delivered with a most entertaining and humble approach, that only adds to your appeal and the authenticity of your message.

Melinda Pugh, Wynnum Chamber of Commerce

As a presenter, Ingrid Cliff is both engaging and entertaining, and is clearly focused on making her material incredibly relevant to her target audience. Sharing her corporate experience and exceptional knowledge base is one thing – but hearing her own personal tragedies and triumphs intertwined with her small business struggles and successes was nothing short of inspiring. The perfect combination of “real, raw and honest”.

Alli Grant, Alli and Co.

Ingrid’s insights into understanding people, gave the young pharmacists of ACPPM a wealth of understanding and also new avenues for personal reflection. Ingrid’s most important lessons focussed upon “how” to manage the desires and thinking of different generations and the most effective ways of motivating staff.

Aaron D’Souza B.Pharm, Chairman Young Pharmacists’ Group Australia

Thank you so much for being a part of AIM@Home Business Writing Week. It was a great presentation. You had the best turnout for the week, and you really set the tone for what was a successful week.

Tom Treby, Marketing and Content Coordinator, AIM

I’ve been reading Ingrid’s blog for quite a while and always found her posts insightful, helpful and thought provoking. I could see that she really understood the challenges of the small business person. I was initially worried about booking a session. After spending a lot of money getting stuck in an unsatisfactory coaching arrangement previously, I was concerned that there would be contracts and high fees. This seems to be the norm in the industry, but with Ingrid, I was really surprised.

And what happened? A miracle!!!! I finally understand my USP – something I had struggled with for so long. I just couldn’t seem to get it. I had no idea what made my business unique.

Ingrid asked me one question and once I’d answered it, she reflected my answers back to me and voila, there it was. It was a massive AHA MOMENT because not only did I finally understand what made us unique but also how to weave that into everything we do and produce.

It has helped me to see the business as something as part of me and yet separate to myself. I would recommend Ingrid’s coaching to any business owner, especially those feeling that there is so much more potential in their business that they are not realising.

I enjoyed the fact that she could pinpoint my underlying emotional blocks, something that the previous coach of $9000 worth couldn’t. Her mixture of HR, psychological, emotional and marketing knowledge means that she can support you no matter where you are starting from. It’s been wonderful to connect to Ingrid in person, an experience that I feel grateful for; I know that if I am willing to do the work she will be a knowledgeable, sensitive and savvy guide, helping me to grow my business and my potential for living.

Nola Welling, Knead Massage

The policies and procedures manual had basically everything that our HR department needed to make a start. It also came with the form templates that complemented the policies and procedures perfectly.

Roslind Brown

Easy to use. Lots of information, with different options. It is great value for money and has everything a small-business needs.

Greg Mason

Loved the stock letters! You’ve saved me hours of work! The manual is very comprehensive, accurate and “best practice” approach. Fantastic to get updated HR information which I can then easily customise for our organisation, rather than laboriously bringing our documents up to date. And the documents are well written, succinct and easy to tailor.

Monica Benyk

I have been struggling to put together even the smallest of employee manuals with a group of policies, and now that I have tailored the Instant HR Policies & Procedures into my manual, I can’t believe how professional it has made our business. I loved that it is almost idiot proof! Everything is explained in easy to understand language.

Jenni Reiffel, Polar Displays

I was initially worried that the manual was not in hardcopy and I was paying over the internet. What I found was I loved it! I’m doing my advanced diploma in Children’s Services, and as a Director it was great to get different ideas and policies. I have now got a whole new procedure for my employment and my staff appraisals.

Ingrid is an absolute asset to any organization or business owner. Not only can she write killer copy, she also has a mind for business strategy and can think on her feet.

After meeting her for the first time, she was able to understand me, my business and my goals for the future. We now meet with her on a regular basis and learn something new every time!

If you want to build a strong business, you must have a strong team and be surrounded by people who constantly re-enforce and empower you. Ingrid is one of them and I have no problems recommending her. But don’t call her too much as I need to meet with her also! : )

Chris Elmore – CEO
The Elmore Organization

The thing I liked most about the HR Manual is it helped me to quickly get the job done of putting together my HR policies for my not for profit I am on the Board of. The manual is comprehensive, written in plain English and is well written. I would recommend it to any business that needs a comprehensive suite of HR policies and procedures.

Adrian Maycock

I was having difficulty putting into words what makes my business stand out from the crowd. I knew I had something special to offer my clients but didn’t know how to communicate this to them. I had heard Ingrid speak at a Women’s Networking event and knew I wanted to work with her.

By talking about what I did with my “spare” time, Ingrid was able to help me see a connection between what I love doing in my non work time and how that helps me, help my clients. For me, it was a love of learning about what makes people tick. A huge help in my job as a financial planner!

I had previously spent days and days working with a business coach about my unique client value proposition…..but to be honest it didn’t sit right with me and there was no way I could remember what it was yet alone communicate it. After one, one-hour session with Ingrid, I know what’s special about my business and what makes my business unique and I can communicate it, because I believe it!

I recommend Ingrid’s mentoring to people who want to be able to communicate to others what sets their business apart from their competitors.

Lisa Steele, The Prosperity Group

I really appreciated your service and thought the time you took to get to know me and my business was great. Also your writing was impeccable. Everything was done in very little time too! I most thoroughly enjoyed your service and would definitely use your services again.

Hayden Wall CPA, Business Consultant, On Point Australia Pty Ltd

Choosing Ingrid to do our web copy was a no brainer. I had complicated our previous website whereas Ingrid simplified and improved on our structure immensely. It is now really easy to add new products and maintain website integrity. Ingrid’s customer focused approach to the copy along with the new web design meant that conversions more than doubled.

Ingrid has a vast array of knowledge in marketing, customer focus and delivery. I love Ingrid’s direct tell-it-to-you-straight style, as well as her on-time delivery and being kept abreast of progress and deliverables. I trust Ingrid to deliver a great service on time and at a reasonable price. I heart Heart Harmony Communications!

Julie Curnow, Air & Water Residential Perth

I have worked with Ingrid on a number of offers & tenders. What I discovered is that Ingrid bridges the gap between our product and our service, and then describes this service to our potential customers. Ingrid is personal, flexible, real and caring. I was amazed at how quickly she understood our product and the message we wanted to portray to our customer base. She put what we do every day into beautiful words.

Jerome Dalton, Dalton Hospitality

Ingrid is exceptional at listening to what you want and extracting from you exactly what it is you are trying to say. As soon as I need help with any written word that will leave my computer and go into the ethos, I know Ingrid can help me make my message clear. And what’s more, she does it in a way that almost guarantees a positive response.

Lisa Bell – Opera Singer

Heart Harmony Communications came highly recommended to us and after speaking to Ingrid we felt Heart Harmony Communications was the right company for us. We liked that it was easy to liaise with Ingrid at any point of the process and that Ingrid was able to liaise with our Web Designer directly which made it stress free for us.

We found the overall professionalism level of our website was increased due to the contribution of words from Ingrid. She is professional, and we were impressed with the knowledge of our industry that Ingrid demonstrated throughout the process. We definitely would recommend the services of Heart Harmony Communications without hesitation to others.

Fady El Malek, Lotus Property Services

I was recommended Ingrid as my copywriter by my web designer. After speaking with her I felt a connection – that she understood my needs and how I think. I was completely at ease and I decided Ingrid was the copywriter for me.

I now have had my website, Churchill report and letters either written from scratch or edited by Ingrid, and the result is that you could assume that I wrote all of these documents because they were in my language (but better).

Ingrid made me feel important, offered advice where necessary, and delivered an outstanding result. She under-promised and over-delivered. All the details were explained in detail so I understood the process. Ingrid understands her clients and researches the subject in depth.

I would definitely recommend working with Ingrid Cliff. The client’s best interests are her business goals and Heart Harmony Communications creates the words you cannot find. She was a pleasure to work with.

Brian Wilson, Brisbane Piano Tuner

I first met Ingrid Cliff when she was keynote speaker at a Conference I attended in mid-2012. I am an editor myself and I am very aware of what the industry has to offer. After hearing her speak I had no doubt that I could expect superior quality from Heart Harmony Communications.

What I liked was the time that was taken to get to know me and my products and services to define what I needed for copy. I specifically liked that I was forced to think about and make decisions on what it is that I actually do (which was not as simple as I thought).

Heart Harmony Communications means to me intelligent engagement; creative yet controlled relevant copy and attention to detail of what my brand means to me

I happily have recommended Ingrid Cliff many times to people, because I know that the creative engagement is equal for every client whether that is dam building, concrete cutting or training, editing and writing.

Frances Cahill


I was initially unsure if Ingrid would be able to clearly articulate the wording I was seeking for my website just through a conversation over the phone. I was more than impressed with the end result. There is a “partnership” with further follow up and additional supports provided. The relationship does not end when the invoice is paid. Ingrid is Genuine; Cost effective and Professional.

Shaun Fowler, Right Hand Group

I found that the whole experience was easy and no stress involved. I specifically liked the way I was treated. The amount of knowledge within my specific trade was exceptional, and I received prompt, friendly service. I would highly recommend Heart Harmony Communications – they did a great job and I am very happy with the end product.

Wayne Lucas, W.I.L. Paint

You have covered everything and it was very easy to adapt to our Company culture – also having an Australian focus was very useful as most of the other online versions available are US law based, although ironically I actually bought it for our US office and adapted it but have since used it for our Australian office as well.
Kristine Inkster

Thank you again for the wonderful HR package we purchased from you. Immediately this morning I spent hrs reading and going through the whole Manual and the extra bonuses. It is everything we wanted to implement or put in place for our Company; it fits all our Company’s HR policies purposes and needs perfect. We have been using current Labour Law of Samoa – very basic but do not have the details like this package that we have always wanted. We also appreciate the level of detail and attention and effort you have put into developing it. It’s a blessing to have found your HR package on the Net.

Shorley Mariner, OSM Consult – Samoa