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use-of-articles 2You are welcome to use our articles in your publication, ezine, website or blog BUT you must comply with the following rules.

Inclusion of Title, Author’s Name and Live URL

The article title needs to be shown at the top of the article, along with Ingrid Cliff as the author’s name and the URL

For example:

How to Write Policy and Procedure Manuals

by Ingrid Cliff

Publication of An Article on Multiple Pages

In the case where more than one article by Ingrid Cliff is reproduced on a single web page or divided into multiple pages, the resource box including the author’s url and live link must be included at the top of the article below the title. In addition the author’s name and live url link must be included prominently at the bottom of each additional web page where author’s content is used.

Use of More Than One Article at a Time

Use of more than three of our articles at the same time is strictly prohibited unless written permission is sought and personally provided by the author. Bundling of articles is forbidden without my explicit written authorization.

Sale of Articles Prohibited

Permission is provided to use articles on a one time basis only and sale of articles, either individually or bundled is strictly prohibited.

Want to add a resource box link? Use this Code:

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