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Ingrid Cliff is the Chief Word Wizard (aka copywriter) who works with small business owners struggling to find the time and the right words to market their business.

Working at the intersection of psychology, communications and technology, Ingrid has the gift of being able to quickly cut through mountains of guff to find the core strengths of a person, business or trend — and then communicate that in a way that other people get.

After completing a degree in Psychology, Industrial Relations, and the History and Philosophy of Science (she was trying to find the meaning of life), Ingrid spent the first 15 years of her career in senior Human Resource Management roles — focusing primarily on leadership, performance, ethics, diversity, and HR policies and procedures.

While an exceptional coach/mentor to senior executives, there were aspects of HR she hated … such as having conversations with employees who believed bathing and soap were optional extras in life.

The first hurdle

Ingrid leapt over the safe wall of wages employment into her own coaching practice … and failed spectacularly. It was there she learned that in small business you need to be a better marketer of what you do than a doer of what you do. She had fallen into the trap many small businesses face — getting caught up in the day to day delivery, and putting off doing what you need to do to grow your business.

She underwent intensive immersive training in copywriting and marketing in the digital sphere, studying under leading copywriters and internet marketers both here and internationally.

These studies merged with her HR background as she formed the view that business is all about ethically influencing behaviour — whether towards customers or employees.

To now …

Ingrid is dedicated to helping time-poor small business owners who know they need to market their business to attract new customers but don’t know how. Surprisingly free of jargon, buzzwords and never-ending overhead presentations debating the personas of your customers, Ingrid instead focuses on tangible, easy-to-implement stuff that gets results.

She has become one of the most sought after copywriters in Brisbane for small businesses who value fuss-free, results-driven words, and her no-nonsense mentoring and advice included as part of each project.

Behind the Corporate Image

Fanatical about communications and neuromarketing, Ingrid is one of those people who reads 1-2 non-fiction books on her Kindle each week, has hundreds of blog feeds in her Feedly and can be caught reading the back of Cornflakes packets if there is nothing else to read in the house.

When not weaving word magic, Ingrid is mother to two surprisingly well-balanced teenagers; a motley assortment of rescue animals who have more toys than the local day-care centre; lives in jeans and nerdy t-shirts, and spends many hours trying to find the parallel universe where missing socks disappear. She is also a rabid Whovian who “accidentally” named one of her children after one of the Doctor’s companions (… the classic series of course).


Dan Ariely, Daniel Burrus, Tad Hargrave, Oliver Burkeman, Jenny Lawson, A K Pradeep, Ed Catmull, Malcolm Gladwell, David Amerland, Miranda Hart, Marcus Aurelius, Augusten Burroughs, Martin Lindstrom, Mary Beth O’Neill and the incomparable Terry Pratchett.

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