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Are you stuck for words?

  • Has your web person or printer rung you for the 29th time asking for your copy – but you keep putting off writing the words because you don’t know what to say?
  • Have you struggled for days to get some words together, but realise you sound as boring as a politician … or as sleazy as a used-car salesman?
  • Do people tell you that they’re not sure exactly what you do?
  • Do you write the same emails, letters, proposals and procedures over & over - but deep down know that they are not the best they can be.
  • Are your marketing results worse than dreadful? Your phone isn’t ringing, and you appear on page 4097 of Google so that even your mum can’t find you?
Call us! We create copy that not only clearly and powerfully communicates what you do … but more importantly – it gets results!
We Put Your Business Into Words

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Business Templates
Need done-for-you business templates and resources? Our copywriters have created professional and easily customisable business templates and human resource management templates that are used in thousands of businesses around the world.   button2

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Keynote Speaker
Looking for a content rich, yet funny copywriting keynote speaker? Hire Ingrid Cliff to speak at your next event or conference on how to harness the power of words to motivate, persuade and influence behavior.   keynote speaker button2

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Want powerful words that engage, build your credibility and generate sales? Our team of copywriters can create superb web copy, marketing copy, brochure copy, SEO copy, corporate profiles and general copywriting words.   copywriting find out more button2

What Others Say About Ingrid Cliff and Heart Harmony Communications

  • “Thank you again for the wonderful HR package we purchased from you. Immediately this morning I spent hrs reading and going through the whole Manual and the extra bonuses…

    It is everything we wanted to implement or put in place for our Company; it fits all our Company’s HR policies purposes and needs perfect. We have been using current Labour Law of Samoa – very basic but do not have the details like this package that we have always wanted.

    We also appreciate the level of detail and attention and effort you have put into developing it.

    It’s a blessing to have found your HR package on the Net.”

    Shorley Mariner, OSM Consult, Samoa

    OSM Consult
  • “Heart Harmony Communication’s Instant HR Policies & Procedures is invaluable for small businesses – it is professional, extensive, and immediately accessible. One “find & replace” action was all that was required to create a working draft for our company, and then it was extremely easy to edit to fit our particular situation. It turns a nightmare of documentation requirements into a dream. Thanks Ingrid!”

    Dianna Blake, Wimmer Water Solutions

    Wimmer Water Solutions
  • I first met Ingrid Cliff when she was keynote speaker at a Conference I attended in mid-2012. I am an editor myself and I am very aware of what the industry has to offer. After hearing her speak I had no doubt that I could expect superior quality from Heart Harmony Communications. What I liked was the time that was taken to get to know me and my products and services to define what I needed for copy. I specifically liked that I was forced to think about and make decisions on what it is that I actually do (which was not as simple as I thought). Heart Harmony Communications means to me intelligent engagement; creative yet controlled relevant copy and attention to detail of what my brand means to me I happily have recommended Ingrid Cliff many times to people, because I know that the creative engagement is equal for every client whether that is dam building, concrete cutting or training, editing and writing. Frances Cahill Ask Aunt Em
    Frances Cahill, Ask Aunt Em
  • I was recommended Ingrid as my copywriter by my web designer. After speaking with her I felt a connection - that she understood my needs and how I think. I was completely at ease and I decided Ingrid was the copywriter for me. I now have had my website, Churchill report and letters either written from scratch or edited by Ingrid, and the result is that you could assume that I wrote all of these documents because they were in my language (but better). Ingrid made me feel important, offered advice where necessary, and delivered an outstanding result. She under-promised and over-delivered. All the details were explained in detail so I understood the process. Ingrid understands her clients and researches the subject in depth. I would definitely recommend working with Ingrid Cliff. The client's best interests are her business goals and Heart Harmony Communications creates the words you cannot find. She was a pleasure to work with. Brian V Wilson, Piano Care
    Brian Wilson Piano Care
  • I found that the whole experience was easy and no stress involved. I specifically liked the way I was treated. The amount of knowledge within my specific trade was exceptional, and I received prompt, friendly service. I would highly recommend Heart Harmony Communications - they did a great job and I am very happy with the end product.

    Wayne Lucas, W.I.L. Paint

    W.I.L. Paint
  • Heart Harmony Communications came highly recommended to us and after speaking to Ingrid we felt Heart Harmony Communications was the right company for us.  We liked that it was easy to liaise with Ingrid at any point of the process and that Ingrid was able to liaise with our Web Designer directly which made it stress free for us. We found the overall professionalism level of our website was increased due to the contribution of words from Ingrid.  She is professional, and we were impressed with the knowledge of our industry that Ingrid demonstrated throughout the process. We definitely would recommend the services of Heart Harmony Communications without hesitation to others.  Fady El Malek Lotus Property Services
    Lotus Property Services
  • We created a direct response mail piece to a targeted mailing list for  an IT industry supplier. By the end of the first week after the mail out, website traffic increased by 500% and the client had more enquiries about their services within the 1 week than they had in the combined 12 months prior.
    Direct Response Mail Out Case Study
  • Ingrid is exceptional at listening to what you want and extracting from you exactly what it is you are trying to say. As soon as I need help with any written word that will leave my computer and go into the ethos, I know Ingrid can help me make my message clear.  And what's more, she does it in a way that almost guarantees a positive response. Lisa Bell, Soprano & Vocal Teacher
    Lisa Bell, Soprano
  • I have worked with Ingrid on a number of offers & tenders. What I discovered is that Ingrid bridges the gap between our product and our service, and then describes this service to our potential customers. Ingrid is personal, flexible, real and caring. I was amazed at how quickly she understood our product and the message we wanted to portray to our customer base. She put what we do every day into beautiful words. Jerome Dalton Dalton Hospitality
    Dalton Hospitality
  • Choosing Ingrid to do our web copy was a no brainer. I had complicated our previous website whereas Ingrid simplified and improved on our structure immensely. It is now really easy to add new products and maintain website integrity. Ingrid’s customer focused approach to the copy along with the new web design meant that conversions more than doubled. Ingrid has a vast array of knowledge in marketing, customer focus and delivery. I love Ingrid’s direct tell-it-to-you-straight style, as well as her on-time delivery and being kept abreast of progress and deliverables. I trust Ingrid to deliver a great service on time and at a reasonable price. I heart Heart Harmony Communications! Julie Curnow Air & Water Residential, Perth
    Air & Water Residential
  • I really appreciated your service and thought the time you took to get to know me and my business was great.  Also your writing was impeccable.  Everything was done in very little time too! I most thoroughly enjoyed your service and would definitely use your services again. Hayden Wall CPA On Point Australia Pty Ltd  
    On Point Australia
  • I have worked with Ingrid on both my marketing and business development. She gives practical, no nonsense advice, delivers on her deadlines and writes great direct mail copy. Ingrid has extensive contacts that she happily shares to get the job done. She is extremely generous with her time and I fully recommend her to any business wanting to take that next step in their business growth. Scott Westwood - CEO XSStock
    XS Stock
  • Ingrid was extremely easy to work with and 'delivered the goods'. She listened to me, 'did her homework' and quickly grasped my needs. She turned my letters from ordinary to high-impact and engaging. The results of her work were immediate. Mark McPherson
    Mark McPherson
  • Ingrid is an absolute asset to any organization or business owner.  Not only can she write killer copy, she also has a mind for business strategy and can think on her feet. After meeting her for the first time, she was able to understand me, my business and my goals for the future.  We now meet with her on a regular basis and learn something new every time! If you want to build a strong business, you must have a strong team and be surrounded by people who constantly re-enforce and empower you. Ingrid is one of them and I have no problems recommending her.  But don't call her too much as I need to meet with her also! Chris Elmore - CEO The Elmore Organization,
    The Elmore Organisation
  • I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ingrid. Extremely helpful, concise and clear about the services provided at Heart Harmony. Dr Pearl Fitzgerald
    Dr Pearl Fitzgerald
  • Great results! Excellent professionalism and efficiency. Bill Sykes Financial Controller Sunkids
  • I loved Ingrid's expertise and advice throughout the project. Being able to have access to Ingrid without feeling bad about it was brilliant! And the benefits ... the ease of the whole process. SEO! SEO! SEO! We have the first page of Google on all of our relevant searches, with sometimes having the first or second ranking! Our web traffic has increased. Kelly Watt Sublime Technologies
    Sublime Technologies
  • Service and product is very well designed. Really loved your friendliness, efficiency, promptness, good sound knowledge of changing media and changing consumer psychology. Your level of service and professionalism cannot be faulted. Nadia Gay Marketing Manager Ormiston College
    Ormiston College
  • You delivered on time. I felt confident and assured. Very good caring service. Very insightful. Lindy McLeod Managing Director Your Image Consultant
    Your Image Consultant
  • Fast friendly service. Excellent copywriting. Excellent value for money. Susan Cooper Managing Director Bright Star Kids
    Bright Star Kids

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