Stuck for Words? Looking for a Great Copywriter in Brisbane?

Perhaps This Sounds Familiar ...

  • Your web person or printer has rung for the 29th time asking for your copy - but no matter how much you stare at the computer the words don't appear.

  • You've struggled for days getting some words together, but they sound as boring as a your Aunt Mabel at Christmas dinner or as sleazy as "that guy" at the pub.

  • People keep telling you that they have no idea exactly what you do.

  • You have a horrible feeling in your gut that your emails, letters, proposals and procedures suck. Your clients and team members ignore them in droves.

  • Your marketing is as popular as head lice. Your phone isn't ringing, and you appear so far into Google that even your mum can't find you.

Call us! We work with business owners, leaders, tradies, professional service firms and entrepreneurs who are all highly skilled in their own right, but who are not achieving the impact that their ideas and businesses could and should have.

We create sleaze free copy that not only clearly and powerfully communicates what you do ... but more importantly - it gets results!

We Put Your Business Into Words


Business Templates

Need done-for-you business templates and resources? Our HR specialists & copywriters have created professional and easily customisable business templates and human resource management templates that are used in thousands of businesses around the world.

Keynote Speaker

Looking for a copywriting keynote speaker that is laugh-out-loud funny (when not delivering huge nuggets of amazing content)? Hire Ingrid Cliff to speak at your next event or conference and discover how to harnesses the power of words to motivate, persuade and influence behavior.


Want powerful words that engage, build your credibility and generate sales? Our team of copywriters create superb web copy, marketing copy, brochure copy, SEO copy, corporate profiles and general copywriting words ... that still make you feel great about yourself in the morning.

Read What Others Say About Us

Ingrid’s insight and creative thinking has been the driving force behind my business strategy with social media and online marketing. I have seen my sales from the online sector grow steadily and sustainably in line with the campaign mapped out and managed by Ingrid. Ingrid is also a valuable resource to discuss a whole range of business and promotional topics within my business and I have benefitted greatly from my association with her.
Ethical, competent, effective…. is how I would describe her.

Chris Lehmann, Tradesmen on Time